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Our Holiday Hours

Lease 1 Financial Holiday Hours: December 23 – January 1 CLOSED January 2 REGULAR HOURS RESUME Should you require immediate assistance, please call our office or Brenda Goettler directly and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you’ve been receiving phone calls from our number…

It has come to our attention that our phone number is being used by some sort of “phone number hijacker”. After extensive research, we have had to accept that there is nothing further we can do to prevent this from happening. If you receive...

My Letter Regarding the Proposed Tax Changes for Small Businesses

Every single day I work with entrepreneurs who have put it ALL on the line to start and run a business.  I am talking about their life savings, maxed out credit, very often they risk their homes and more. All this risk for the possibility of starting...

When Shopping for the Best Deal Is A Bad Idea

Raise your hand if you like to save money. Good. That’s all of you. It’s us, too. In fact, that’s precisely why we’re in the business we’re in! We love to help businesses grow, and growing a business costs money. So if we can help you grow your...

Giving Back By Using Energy

Have you heard of Sponsor Energy?  Sponsor Energy is a whole new way of buying power and gas for your home and business!  Sponsor provides electricity and natural gas at great prices, AND shares 50% of its profits on every kWh of electricity and every...

RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards – Brenda is a nominee!

  We are proud to announce that our very own Brenda Goettler has been nominated for the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards! It is an honour to be nominated. To find out more about it, check out

6 Objections to Leasing & Why You Might Want To Rethink Them

1.“We have a cash-only policy. Cash is free! We want to avoid interest and financing costs.” Cash is a limited asset and there may be better ways to use it than tying it up in a depreciating asset. Keeping cash on hand makes it easier to seize a potential...

2016 Holiday Hours

  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Lease 1 Financial Ltd.! We hope you enjoy this holiday season. Please note this year’s holiday hours for our business: December 23-26: CLOSED December 27-30: LIMITED COVERAGE December 31-January...

Helpful Resources for Small Businesses: Go Auto Glass

At Lease 1 Financial Ltd., we stand by our motto: “Helping Your Business Grow”. We love to network and find more resources and ways to accomplish that goal. This month, we’d like to highlight just one of the many companies we have come to appreciate...

Why You Need To Diversify Your Debt

Some of our clients have been talking to us about their struggles during these bad economic times. For many, business is slow, but this is compounded by banks reducing their risks in certain sectors (i.e. oil and gas). How does a bank reducing its own...