A Surprisingly Enjoyable Financing Experience


Keeping up with changing technology was a necessity for Oral Design Dental Lab to stay competitive and continue to succeed in business. Modern equipment is costly and they required help to fully understand their financing options and determine the best one for their business. Lease 1 Financial exceeded their expectations in every way, resulting in a cost-saving equipment upgrade and improving Oral Design’s abilities to meet the evolving needs of their customers. 

About Oral Design Dental Lab

Oral Design Dental Lab is a laboratory that designs and fabricates dental prostheses for dental clinics. They specialize in crowns, bridges, and other fixed restorations.

The Challenge

Modern dental labs use milling equipment, 3D printers and computer CAD/CAM systems to make crowns and bridges. Jumping into digital is critical to “keep up” with the changing technology and even to stay in business. 

Oral Design Dental Lab desperately needed to upgrade their milling equipment. It would allow them to produce more units per day and with a significantly lower cost per unit to produce.

As dental technology has developed, the need for financing has increased. Oral Design’s manager was unfamiliar with leasing and needed help and information to understand their options.

The Solution

The vendor Oral Design was purchasing the new equipment from offered in-house financing. But after exploring various financing options, Oral Design decided to work with Lease 1 Financial. 

“We knew the team at Lease 1 Financial was familiar with the dental industry and dental equipment because they had worked with other dental labs. We were very impressed with their level of service. The process was very easy. Lease 1 took care of everything.”

– Monty Jensen, President of Oral Design Dental Lab

The Results

As Oral Design worked with Lease 1 Financial, they had many questions. The team at Lease 1 took the time to explain everything at each stage of the lease process. They patiently answered many questions and helped the Oral Design team clearly understand leasing.

The lease agreement with Lease 1 saved Oral Design a lot of money. The upgraded equipment also helped Oral Design cut costs in materials. 

We certainly have saved a lot of money. Not only with the rate, but we have cut costs in materials by teaming up with Lease 1 and doing the upgrades to keep moving forward.

“Lease 1 has been more personal, friendly, and much more involved than other financing companies we’ve worked with. There is more communication. The team keeps us up-to-date and informed every step of the way. 

When Lease 1 needed specific information from us that we didn’t know how to get, they worked around it and managed without the information. They could not have been easier to work with or more accommodating. Throughout the process, I kept thinking how nice the whole experience and each member of the Lease 1 team was.”

– Monty Jensen, President of Oral Design Dental Lab

A Financial Advocate for Your Business

Lease 1 Financial is your financial advocate. We work with and for you behind the scenes to help your business thrive and keep everything running smoothly. We’re your go-between, contacting funders on your behalf. We can save you phone calls and paperwork, and we’ll always take the time to answer your questions.

Even when you’re looking at equipment from a vendor that offers in-house financing, we can work with the vendor and usually get you a better deal. Our ability to work with a wide variety of funders gives us flexibility to find an option that best fits your needs and your budget. 

We genuinely care about our clients and are committed to helping your business thrive. 

Find out more about the advantages of a financial advocate here. Contact us for more information about how our services can benefit your business.