Why Should You Offer Lease Financing?

More & Bigger Sales: Even if they don’t tell you, most of your customers need financing. A big mistake is to assume that only small or struggling companies need lease financing. It is often a very prudent business choice for your client. By providing an affordable financing option “in-house”, you make it quick and easy for them. This can speed up your sales cycle and even increase your client’s budget. Additionally, you may miss out on a sale if your competitor offers a financing option and you don’t.

Customer Advantages: Easier budgeting and cash flow, increased production and profit, preservation of cash and credit lines, increased buying power, and tax advantages are a few of the major benefits of lease financing for any customer. (See also:  5 Advantages of Equipment Leasing.)

Get Paid In Full: You need to focus on selling your product, not chasing the payment. Offering lease financing lets you do exactly that. You get paid in full at time of equipment delivery.

Lower Your Risk: No carrying of customer’s accounts for 30, 60, 90 days or more.

Stay Competitive: Customers love options. Offering a leasing finance option on every quote gets your client off the up-front big-ticket cost and allows them to look at a monthly payment. This helps them understand the advantage of your equipment on their monthly outsourcing cost, cost savings or production increases.


The Lease 1 Financial Advantage

A thriving business is your goal and our mission. We love to work with our vendor partners to help you make sales and to develop long-time customers who keep coming back to you again and again. We are available to work directly with your sales team or clients to give you the competitive edge. Here is what we offer:

Financing Options For Almost Any Customer

Your customers come in various shapes and sizes – start-up companies to well-established businesses, good credit and challenging credit. As a broker, we work with all the major (and many of the smaller) lease funders in Canada and into the USA. This enables us to provide flexible payment options for your customers regardless of their size or credit rating.

Creative Solutions

Promotions, trade shows, customer appreciation days… any campaign you undertake can by supported by customized financing options and marketing materials. We are also able to provide creative solutions for customers who require customized lease structures (e.g. skip payments or seasonal payments).

Larger Sales

As we work with multiple funders we can, if necessary, seamlessly split a large sale of multiple pieces. Your client can take advantage of your full solution without delays. Please ask us for details.

Finance Sales of Any Size

Small customers are important, too! We don’t have restrictions on dollar amounts. We are just as happy to work with the smaller client as we are with the large purchaser. We want all of your customers to be happy!

We Also Offer Sales Support...

Your sales team needs effective tools to help them close the deal. We provide your team with the information, materials, and any support needed to help your customers make the right financing decision. A few of our vendor supports are:

Customer Brochures & Other Promotional Materials

Have something to show your customers to help you offer the financing option.

Salesperson Training

Understand what lease financing is and how to present it to your customers. However, we are always available to speak to your client directly on your behalf. You let us know how you want us to help.

Lease Payment Options to Accompany Your Quotes

Show your customer a small monthly payment option instead of just the big ticket price of the equipment. Call us at any time for an up-to-date quote.

Website Support

Easily add financing information to your website with our pre-written content, or you can simply add a link to us on your website. We work hard to keep our website up-to-date, informative, and easy to navigate.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’re the specialist on your equipment; let us be your specialist in financing. Simply offer your customer a payment plan option. With your permission, we will explain the financing details to your customer directly. We can provide you with the promotional materials and an easy-to-use lease payment calculator to assist you.

When a customer expresses interest in lease financing information, simply provide us with their name and contact information. We take it from there (while keeping you informed every step of the way)!

  1. We contact the customer to address any questions or concerns they may have and to acquire the appropriate information.
  2. We secure a financing approval for the transaction and submit documentation to the customer for signatures.
  3. We issue a vendor approval notice to you to authorize delivery of the equipment. When the product has been confirmed as delivered, we will require a current dated invoice with serial numbers.
  4. We process the funding and get you paid, usually by direct deposit to your account.

Many leases can be completed in as little as a day or two, dependent on the customer’s credit and the complexity of the deal.

Our leases provide your customer with a purchase option at or near the end of their lease, allowing them to own their equipment. Think of it as “Lease to Own”.

Simply fill out our Vendor Profile Form and send it back to us. (Click the “Apply Now” button at the bottom of this page.)

Absolutely! We would be happy to do either a group presentation to your sales team or on an individual basis.

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