Helpful Resources: Capital Now & Factoring

At Lease 1 Financial, we stand by our motto: “Helping Your Business Thrive”. We love to network and find more resources and ways to accomplish that goal. We’d like to highlight just one of the many companies we have come to appreciate along our own journey in business.

Capital Now

Many people are unaware of “factoring”. Factoring can sometimes mean the difference between “making it” or not. If you have regular contracts with a tendency to wait 30-90 days to pay, factoring can help you to keep your cash flow at a healthier level.

Capital Now is a Calgary-based owner-operated financing source for Alberta businesses. Since 2008, they have been giving companies cash for their invoices, usually in less than 2 hours.

What would you do if you were paid today for all of your work? Pay your suppliers and staff, take on bigger jobs, sleep better tonight?

Capital Now has helped hundreds of businesses get access to the cash trapped in their invoices and they would love to have the opportunity to help you. They are not a bank; they are business owners just like you and me. Almost all businesses qualify.

Call Capital Now today at 403-617-2075 or visit their website at