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At Lease 1 Financial, we stand by our motto: “Helping Your Business Thrive”. We love to network and find more resources and ways to accomplish that goal.  Park2Go is just one of the many companies we have come to appreciate along our own journey in business.

Airport Parking Nightmares

You’ve just been on a great vacation – maybe in a sunny, tropical location – for a week. Your flight home lands in Calgary. You get your luggage and head to the doors leading to your parkade. As the doors open, you see a sheet of white and feel a gust of bitterly cold wind. It’s a rude awakening.

Now you have to drag your luggage through the frigid mountain air and find your car. When you get to your car, you load your luggage into the trunk. You are shivering and extremely eager to get home where it’s (hopefully) warm.

But your car won’t start. It’s too cold, or the battery has died. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter. The point is, now you’re stuck in this freezing parking lot and you have to figure out how to get your car started before you can do anything else.

What a miserable way to end a vacation.

Inconveniences Abound

This is an all-too-common scenario. Also typical is finding your car with a flat tire, or getting into a car that feels like a sauna if you’ve been gone during a rare yet welcome hot stint.

Parents of young children know the struggle of fumbling with countless bags and car seats and all manner of paraphernalia that comes along when travelling with little ones – trying to keep track of all of those tiny people and the stuff and find the car keys and everyone is hungry and tired from the flight and we-just-can’t-get-home-soon-enough!

If all of this discomfort and inconvenience could be avoided at almost no extra cost, would it be worth it to you?

Park2Go Solves Everything

Enter Park2Go!

Park2Go offers exceptional service without the expense. Consider the benefits:

  • Valet parking – No walking through parking lots before or after your trip
  • Help with your luggage – No need to fumble with items, no matter how many or how heavy
  • Pre-started vehicle – Getting into your vehicle already-warm in winter, or cool in summer
  • On-site booster truck and air-pressure machine – A dead battery or flat tire won’t prevent you from getting home ASAP.
  • No change or cancellation penalty – Book early without worrying about having to pay if something changes
  • Guaranteed online reservations – Rest assured your spot is waiting for you no matter how far in advance you’ve booked
  • Optional detailing & servicing of your vehicle while you’re away – Save time and hassle while you’re off doing more important (and enjoyable) things

Luxury Service Without Premium Prices

Valet service feels like luxury, but with Park2Go, you don’t pay luxury prices! Park2Go offers excellent rates made even more affordable when you take advantage of one of their discount programs.


The Corp2Go program offers a 20% discount to any organization or business. Employees can take advantage of the corporate pricing even for personal use. No agreement or contract is required and there is no fee to join. Park2Go will provide your company with a custom UPC or barcode which your entire organization can use every time they need Park2Go service. You’ve got nothing to lose!

VIP Parker

The VIP Parker program is a loyalty program offering points and rewards. Earn points when you use Park2Go, then redeem those points for free parking in the future.

Parking Peace of Mind

With first-rate service like this, it’s no surprise that Park2Go books up quickly. Take advantage of their online reservation guarantee (with no change or cancellation penalty) and book your next Park2Go reservation immediately. You won’t be disappointed!