Helpful Resources for Small Businesses: MACINK Consulting


At Lease 1 Financial, we stand by our motto: “Helping Your Business Thrive”. We love to network and find more resources and ways to accomplish that goal. We’d like to highlight just one of the many companies we have come to appreciate along our own journey in business.

MACINK Business Consulting & Coaching

For an enterprise to be considered a business, it must be able to operate without the owner present. Rick MacLennan has helped countless entrepreneurs transform into business owners and fall back in love with their business. His approach involves focusing on their strengths and building a plan to realize their dreams.

Through Rick’s coaching, business owners gain:

  • more profitability
  • more time
  • more equity
  • freedom to pursue other dreams

MACINK offers a free Business Assessment and the best Business Transformation Program for your business. Services include:

  • Lunch & Learn: training options for your team over the lunch hour to facilitate sustainable growth over a compressed time frame
  • Seminars
  • Leadership Training: 11 weekly group sessions of 2 hours each, requiring thought, reflection and action
  • Strategic Plan Program: grow and transform your business with manuals, books, coaching and more

Rick MacLennan

Rick MacLennan has been consulting small-to-medium sized businesses (SMEs) for 30 years. He’s owned multiple franchises and worked as the Regional Director for Canada, traveling from coast to coast for an international franchiser. The knowledge gained in the franchise world gives Rick a unique perspective as he understands how to help business owners become dispensable.

Business Expertise

  • Strategic Planning for Small Business
  • Strategic Planning
  • Leading for Change
  • Sales and Marketing

Industry Experience

Automobile | Construction | Fabricated Metal | Food & Beverage | Hospitality | Manufacturing | Marketing | Mining | Oil & Gas | Professional Services | Retail Trade | Sporting Goods | Tourism & Recreation

More time + Increased equity = FREEDOM! Visit MACINK for more information and to explore the many services Rick can offer to help you achieve your business goals.

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