Giving Back By Using Energy

Have you heard of Sponsor EnergySponsor Energy is a whole new way of buying power and gas for your home and business!  Sponsor provides electricity and natural gas at great prices, AND shares 50% of its profits on every kWh of electricity and every GJ of gas consumed by its customers with non-profit organizations and charities.  Every single time Sponsor Energy customers turn on a light bulb or a television or run their furnace, their consumption of energy makes a real difference to the charity of their choice.

We invite you to make the decision to use your power for good. Switch your home to Sponsor Energy and by doing so, Sponsor Energy will give half of the profit from your energy consumption back to <insert charity name>.

Switch to Sponsor Energy and not only will you get great rates for your power and gas without donating a penny from your own pocket,  you have a chance at winning a made-in BC-Electric Vehicle.