Helpful Resources: Salesforce & sCube Consulting

At Lease 1 Financial, we stand by our motto: “Helping Your Business Thrive”. We love to network and find more resources and ways to accomplish that goal. We’d like to highlight just one of the many companies we have come to appreciate along our own journey in business.

Customer Relationship Management

For Lease 1 Financial, we refer to our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system as our “brain”. It holds, organizes, and reports on every single tidbit of information we need. Because we have that information at our fingertips at all times, we are better equipped to provide the level of customer service we firmly believe our customers deserve. We’ve chosen to use Salesforce, and without it, we would be lost.

Unlocking the Treasure Chest

Discovering Salesforce was a good thing, but it was working with Shrey of sCube Consulting that allowed us to unlock the treasure chest that is our CRM. Before connecting with Shrey, we had no idea what our CRM was capable of, how fully customizable it was, and how we could make it work specifically in line with our process and procedures.

The Role of sCube Consulting

Shrey of sCube Consulting is a software engineer and expert Salesforce-certified Solutions Architect. He offers valuable information to help you decide on the CRM system that might work best for your business. If you are working with Salesforce, Shrey can customize it for you, as well as integrate other systems into and out of Salesforce. (Examples include campaign management, event management, phone integration, and document repositories.)

Choosing The Right CRM

Salesforce is sCube Consulting’s recommendation for CRM, boldly naming it “the best CRM on the market”. If you still want to explore other systems, Shrey suggests asking the following questions:

  • Is the CRM built for small, medium, or large business?
  • What features are built in? What is the “out-of-the-box” functionality? (In other words, how much customization and integration will be required before it is set up the way you need it?)
  • Is the API accessible? (The API is the application programming interface. If you have access to it, you are able to integrate it with other systems you might be using, increasing functionality.)
  • How easy is it to build reports and dashboards for the purpose of analytics?

Don’t Make This Mistake

“The most common mistake companies make when they get Salesforce is self-implementation,” Shrey says. “Even software companies need to work with an expert to ensure they implement the platform correctly. The expert can set the company up for success and train appropriate individuals.”

We concur. Until we got Shrey involved, we were merely scratching the surface of Salesforce’s capabilities. He helped us to think through our goals as a company, how we want to achieve those goals, and how to use Salesforce to enable us to meet those goals. He customized Salesforce to coordinate accordingly, then trained our team to use the system fully, and even trained our administrator to make customizations internally.

Maximize Your CRM Investment

Before you choose a CRM system for your business, or if you’ve already chosen Salesforce, talk to Shrey. His passion is “working with clients to understand their needs and designing solutions that not only meet their current needs, but also help them to grow and scale their business.”

sCube Consulting helped our business grow. Contact Shrey to maximize your CRM investment.